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Acrylic Fine Art

The Angelus Series

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Abstract Series

The Rorschach Series and Crystallize Series

The Rorschach Series was created loosely on the idea of the Rorschach tests, whereby subjects were asked what images they perceived in a series of inkblots. As they are, inkblots explore the relationship between light and dark. Each piece in the Rorschach Series uses varying colors with black and white tones creating abstract images. The series is meant to create differing images and experiences for each viewer every time they interact with the pieces. Each piece also has a storytelling element that further questions the central theme of light and dark.

The Crystallize series is based on a desire to emulate the growth of different crystals using watercolor. When developing in the earth Crystals take on many forms and shapes dependent not only on their surroundings but also the innate structure of their comprisal. My first study in this series was 'Malachite' which forms unique bulbous growths, when sliced create circular formations. On the other end of the study is the piece 'strata' many crystals when forming are created by thin layered growths. As well as the growth pattern the sheer variety of colors found in crystals was taken into account. I used varied watercolors to emulate and attempted to capture the essence of each crystal.

The images are created using watercolor paints on Yupo Paper. 

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